How many times do you go to the gym and see that one athlete who looks amazing all the time? The one person who seems to be always lean and yet they seem to be growing constantly.  Too often we as competitors let what we call our off-season consume us, or rather an excuse to consume whatever we want! Very rarely do you see athletes who stay lean and are able grow year round. These athletes dedicate themselves to the gym and their diet even in the off-season. They are able to cut their diets from 14 week long to as short as 8 weeks and look amazing doing so.

Go a head and call it your off-season but remember there is still a goal. The goal should be eating to grow, not eat whatever you want and skip meals. Both will make you fat! There is a myth that you cannot be lean and grow at the same time. Well I am no expert in diet and nutrition but I can tell you that’s a lie from my own personal experience. Now I’m not saying you have to eat a strict “contest like” diet but you should know what you are putting into your body at all times. You should have a daily percentage you are shooting for, macros can match with your goal to grow and stay lean.

Here is what I have done in the past and has helped me to gain over 6-10 pounds of lean mass and just have to do a 8 week diet for contest. I don’t have to be super strict with it either, so no big “holly shit this is hard” changes! During my contest prep I like to stick with a Protein, Carb and fat percentage of 40/40/20. With the proper cardio and this Macro percentage I have achieved a contest ready body in as little as six weeks.

Now the million-dollar question… How do I consume the right amount of fats, protein, and carbs for ME to grow and not gain fat? Well you will gain fat but how much is up to you. First things first, everyone is different. I can tell you to eat what I eat but since our bodies are different and activity levels are different, there is no telling that what I consume would be the same as what you would need to consume.  What you need to do is decide how many calories you need to consume a day to maintain your current body weight then start adding slowly to grow. There are multiple calculators online will help you do so.  Next find a good macro percentage that works for you. Many people I have encountered since I have been in the industry do better with different variations. I personally like to keep my carbs around 45-50% and protein to be around 30-40% then fill in fats from there. Although this may not seem like much, I do increase my caloric intake substantially. During my contest prep I average the 40/40/20 with calories pushing the 3,000 to 3,600 mark. Now when I am eating for a lean bulk I increase my caloric intake to around 4,500 to 5,500. With minor cardio added to this I am able to gain the pounds needed for me to make the changes and see the results I want. For me personally a great macro percentage for leaning out is 40/40/20.

I can’t overstate enough the most important thing to do is slowly make changes to see what works best with your body. Small changes over a long period of time make a BIG difference. Keep in mind the food you eat will directly relate how your body looks, maybe not today but it all counts come contest day!

A few tips to remember whether your in the “off-season” or contest prep mode:

-Eat meals every 2-3 hours. This makes it easier to get in your extra calories when bulking. It also keeps your metabolism on high, and doesn’t overtax your digestive system like a few massive meals would.

-Water, Water, Water, oh and don’t forget to keep your water intake up! If you want to look dry, hydrate.

-Supplements, use them they work, but don’t expect to be able to supplement yourself out of a crappy diet. Supplements should be thought of like turbo charging your already great diet! In or off season I use, Amino Rev, Lipo N-3, Lipo-Shred and RestStor. I will mix in some others as my goals change.

Whether it’s a trip to the stage or a trip to the beach, good luck in your Contest Prep!


WOD Week 6


Well, we have made it to another Monday. I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and are motivated to take on the week.

This weeks workout is a good one. It not only tests you mentally but is a huge calorie burner, if you can finish it that is…..

Things needed

  1. Yoga Mat
  2. Water
  3. Motivation
  4. Music (helps keep you motivated)
  5. Timer
  6. Towel (to help wipe the sweat off the brows)
Warm up Full Body 5 Min
Time For 30 Mins
Rest as needed
Track how many rounds you can get (try to beat)
20 Squats
20 Push ups
20 Crunches
5 Burpees
50 Jumping jacks

Once completed please post how many rounds you get..




My life has truly been hectic this past year. I’m a young fit guy and have always been, by my own estimation a picture of health. In 2015 I was riding a roller coaster of health problems and no idea what the hell was going on with me. It culminated when a date night at a steak house with my BABE OF A WIFE, ended not in our bed, but with a trip to the ER! Not the night either of us was hoping for….. Read more here    Finish Article

WOD Week 5

Well we have made it another week, and another Monday. Today we are going to have a great workout.

Back to the question I asked last week.

Week 5 of the WOD Gift to You


Question for everyone. Well i see we have an active following here….. No one answered my question. Why?

Well did you answer it? Do you think about why when you exercise? If not, you should it may help motivate you to do better and be stronger. Think about it this week.


Week 5

Things needed this week;

  1. Water!!!
  1. Ab Mat
  2. Room for lunging
  3. Stop watch (for rest time)
  5. Post what you thought of the workout after completing it!!!
Warm up Full Body 5 Min
(Track Time)
20 Tuck Jumps
20 Flutter Kicks
10 Push Ups
After 3 rounds start
5 Burpees
20 Squats
20 Leg Lifts
After Third Round Track Time


Three Rounds (Track Time)
20 DB Shoulder Press
10 DiveBombers
Bear Crawl 100 Ft
20 Lunges (count each Leg)
20 Up Right Rows
20 Jump Squats
1 Min Rest 4x

What’s in Your Gym bag? (Part 2)

Part 2 of whats in your gym bag. 



Soy is better known as the alternative protein to both whey and casein. I say this is the better known for the people at GNC to say this is for you when you ask for a protein that doesn’t affect you if you have an allergy to milk. Now don’t get me wrong soy is a great option for many athletes and works well for many athletes…… However this is if you are a woman athlete.
Males are not meant to take in high quantities of Soy protein due to its contents of isoflavones (1). Isoflavones are a class of phytoestrogens- plant-derived compounds with estrogenic activity (1). This is a big no-no for males. Why? Because the body needs to work in harmony with each other. Having an increase in estrogen can cause many side effects for a male. Some of the side effects are; Bloating, Decreased sex drive, headaches, mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, cold hands and feet, feeling tired or lack of energy….etc (2).

Knowing this along would be a turn off for any male that is wanting to lose weight. Yet if you are to go into a supplement store like GNC and ask what you can take in place of whey and casein, it is more than likely the person behind the counter will say soy protein.



Plant based protein, hmmmmmm what can I say about plant based proteins???????

Besides horrible tastes and gritty textures they are all not that bad. However you still have to watch out

for isoflavones that may be included into the protein. So more than likely you will not see the product above or any type of soy if it is a true vegan shake. Plant protein comes in many different forms and sizes. Some are made with pea, hemp, saviseed proteins, as well as many others. The thing to note here is that it provides great deal of micro nutrients since it is plant based but ultimately whey would be the best bet if you are able to do it. If you are vegan or need to stay away from both soy and milk products (like myself) this may be a good choice for you….. However may not taste the best.




BEEF ITS WHATS FOR DINNER!!!! Haha, well beef protein is far more different than that of plant, soy, whey, and casein, as it comes from beef. Or so we think. If you ever get some time and want some very unusual information, research where beef protein comes from. Some may put that shake up due to the contents not being just beef or even having a strain of beef in it. One thing that is known for sure is that the beef protein is made up of the byproducts of processing beef. So what this entails is many parts and pieces that never made it to the chopping block, or butcher block, if you will…

To say that it has some great ingredients is a stretch as you do not know what you are truly getting. The transparency of the beef protein era is far from clear and due to the demand of many people wanting it and only having a handful of companies producing it, it is a very profitable area of the industry to be in.


Now if you are like me and am very limited on what you can and cannot have then beef protein may be a viable option but don’t do the research on it so you don’t think about what you are truly drinking. If you are not like me and want a great product that is whey protein then I would defiantly recommend Muscle Feed stacked with Glyco Feed. Both of these make for a deadly post workout combination.

Find them here


Hope yall enjoy the read and again beware of the research behind beef protein…..













What’s in Your Gym bag? (Part 1)

Hello everyone,

Today I want to discuss something so simple that should be in everyone’s gym bag…… PROTEIN


However we are going to go into depth about what protein should be in your gym bag as many do not truly know or understand protein as a food. Rather they see it as something they need to take to get bigger or stronger.

Well let me go into detail with why this is important. When I was younger I would listen to the people at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe…etc. Many of which are not knowledgeable or even fitness advocates. So I was being told that I needed to take something from someone that did not know what the product truly does. I was sold on anything that the sales rep said made the best “Gains” or the best one for my goals. Little did I know how those types of companies work and of course times change, but I know that selling the company’s product results in better views/ eyes on the sales person. I have taken everything from whey protein, to casein, plant based, soy, and beef proteins. All of which are formed in many different ways and react in the body very differently.


I learned that whey is the most popular and will always be that way due to how it reacts in the body. However do we even know where whey comes from? Many will say yes but do you truly understand? Whey is a byproduct of cheese making. (1) After the curds form the liquid in the process that remains is better known as whey. Whey protein is a very low in lactose but also very high in protein. It is considered to be a complete protein due to it having nine essential amino. (1)

Since we know where protein comes from and how it is made we need to understand the three different types of protein. There is whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolates, and whey protein hydrolysate.

Whey protein concentrate is the most common when it comes to sports supplements. But it is by far the lesser in quality. When it talks about concentrate the actual protein can vary from 30-90%. This is not as big of a deal but it is harder on the body to digest.

Whey protein isolate is one of the better ones when it comes to protein and better for the body to digest as it is quicker. The levels of the actual protein are higher as well usually in the 80-90% range.

Whey protein hydrolysate is a very fast absorbing protein. It is considered to be the predigested protein as it has already undergone partial hydrolysis. (1) Of course with this being predigested and faster this one is far more expensive compared to the previous two.

This is the most ideal one when it comes to allergy and lactose and tolerate people.


Casein protein is another very popular protein when it comes to the sports world. Casein is also a protein that is made from milk. The main reason is its slower digestive process providing nutrients to the body for extended periods of time. Now how could one benefit from slower digestive proteins? Easy, think about when you go to bed. Are you eating anything to help supply the body with nutrients throughout the night? If that answer is no, and for most it is (not for all but for most), then casein protein would be the best bet for you.

Both Casein and Whey protein have both good and bad benefits. First the good of each; they both help the body retain and fuel muscles with essential amino acids, provide both quick and slow digesting proteins and nutrients to the body (when taken together or a meal replacement type drink that has both casein and whey in them).

The BAD, both are made from milk. If someone is lactose and tolerant they will not be able to consume casein as it has much more lactose in it compared to whey. Whey on the other hand will be better but only in the isolate or hydrolysate state.

Now the really BAD, if someone is allergic to milk as a whole, then they are just plain out of luck……YEAH THAT’S ME.

But you’re not totally out of luck I have some other great alternatives for you. However if you are not allergic to Whey protein I would only recommend Muscle Feed by Titan Nutrition (

Soy, Plant, and Beef will be discussed later this weekend.



Another great recipe

Today I am consuming a low carb meal plan. This week I will be carb cycling and the main carb source during the low days is veggies.

Today’s meal/ recipe is 6 oz lean ground turkey, 13 spears of asparagus, 6 oz avocado.

This meal is high in good FAT and PROTEIN, along with great amount of fiber for a meal.


To make, get 6 oz turkey ground on a pan at medium temperature, add seasoning of choice. I used smokehouse maple as I like the flavor. Brown Turkey and make sure it is to 160 temp before consuming.

Cut ends off asparagus and peel avocado.

Lightly coat aluminum foil with pam (I used olive oil in video). Lightly salt and pepper.

Spray asparagus with pam and season with seasoning of choice (I used sweet onion and herb)

Turn broil on high.

Broil both asparagus and avocado on high until avocado is lightly brown.

Portion out 3 oz avocado and all asparagus with the 6oz turkey and enjoy.

I used my second serving of avocado with my next meal.